Friday, June 3, 2011

How do I check my firewall settings on my computer?

I try to view a webpage and I get this:

%26quot;Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.%26quot;

After running the diagnostic test:

%26quot;Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP. This is probably caused by the firewall settings on your computer.

Check the firewall settings for HTTP Port 80 , HTTPS Port 443 and FTP Port 21.%26quot;

How do I do this and where do I look to find this info? I don檛 see anywhere on the Control Panel under Windows Firewall that it gives me any options of any Ports.

On McAfee under Firewall I don檛 see anyplace I can change the Ports either. Even where it says change firewall settings. I checked all the options and none of them give me any type of choice to check or change the settings for the Ports.

Through all of this my Vonage phone still works. I just can檛 use the Internet the majority of the time. Or it will work for maybe 5 to 10 minutes (sometimes longer) and then I can檛 view any pages.How do I check my firewall settings on my computer?Hi,

If you are on Vista (or Windows 7) type into the search bar in the start menu


You should then see an option for:

%26quot;Windows Firewall with advanced Security%26quot;

You should find all the setting you're after in there : )


@Wonder - He's already been in the standard Firewall options -_-How do I check my firewall settings on my computer?Go to Control Panel %26gt; Firewall

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