Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Change my Proxy?

Hello one day i was on youtube and saw something about making my internet faster and im sure i had to change my proxy or something. I remember i had to put in a whole bunch of numbers. Anyway im having a problem with anything that needs to update i keep getting an error message that says something along the lines of %26quot; cannot establish connection to download%26quot; or a message that has something to do with my proxy .. . .. Its not my firewall or anything im sure it has to do with this proxy thing. PLZ help me :(How to Change my Proxy?Well, do you remember which youtube video you watched exactly?

Since you forgot to mention some things, I'm going to assume the following:

1. You're using Windows.

2. You're running Internet Explorer as your browser.

3. That youtube video you watched told you how to change a proxy setting on Internet Explorer

4. You're not using any type of download manger to download stuff.

In that case, open your IE again, do:

1. Go to %26quot;tools%26quot; -%26gt; %26quot;Internet Options%26quot;

2. Switch to the %26quot;Connections%26quot; tab, click on the %26quot;LAN settings%26quot; button.

3. Uncheck %26quot;Use a proxy server...%26quot;

4. Click Ok. Restart IE. Done.