Monday, September 19, 2011

Norton anti-virus, firewall settings too high . . . . ?

Firstly I am a technophobe of the first order so no jargon please!

I loaded norton anti virus last night on my laptop, today I could not connect to the internet at all, my virgin media guy told me the firewall settings are too high, he has showed me how to use computer in 'safe mode' which I am doing now to ask this.

should I delete norton anti virus or is there a way to change the firewall settings and stop it arguing with the built in security with virgin media???Norton anti-virus, firewall settings too high . . . . ?If you fail to get a suitable answer, try as a last resort, to contact Symantec (the parent Company of Norton Anti-Virus).

You'll need full Internet access as one of their on-line advisers may want to access your computer remotely. So it would be helpful if you disable/turn off all functions in Norton AV before going there.

Google for Norton. On the Symantec page seek and click on the various %26quot;contact us%26quot; links in each page until you get to 'speak' to one of their advisers. Explain clearly what you need them to do.

Good luck!Norton anti-virus, firewall settings too high . . . . ?I absolutely hate Norton anti virus. We have two computers at home and play over the network and we have to turn norton off completely in order to be able to do this. We have switched to Mcaffe. Much simpler.Norton anti-virus, firewall settings too high . . . . ?witch Norton's do you have? Just the anti-virus or the Norton's 360?

If you have 360 i can help you but i need to know which one?

Unless someone else posts and helps. I'll cheek back in a while.Norton anti-virus, firewall settings too high . . . . ?You can change Firewall settings but confing the security level in Norton AV Settings / Options. Lowering to medium should be good enough.Norton anti-virus, firewall settings too high . . . . ?Computers without jargon is like rice pudding without the rice.

Poke the Windows Start Key on the bottom left corner of your keyboard, between the Ctrl and Alt keys.

Click RUN. Type MSCONFIG. Poke the ENTER key.

In geek speak that is Start %26gt; Run %26gt; MsConfig (press the Enter key).

In MsConfig you can easily uncheck programs and SERVICES which start when you boot.

If I read your message correctly, you have 4 topics.

1) internet connection

2) Virgin media ??

3) Norton antivirus

4) Norton firewall.

Disable as many items as you need to to get an internet connection.

Then restart one thing at a time. If you start the firewall, you should see Options or Settings. My ZoneAlarm firewall prompts me when a new program or site is trying to get access. I can Allow or Disallow.

Makes sense?

How do you know if your media is still virgin?Norton anti-virus, firewall settings too high . . . . ?no u have to use one security or the other ......................... if u use 2 together it isnt good....... if virgin security has firewall anti virus/spyware then delete norton if not delete virgin security and use norton ......... thats why u mite not b able to connect to the internet if theres 2 security suites running.......